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Wide Brims

 Wear your wide-brimmed hat with confidence. A wide brim hat offers you... 

Classic Fedoras

There are endless ways to wear a fedora hat. Felt fedoras are... 

  • Endless Customization Options

    Inside out! Select from a plethora of options. Set your own hat's height, width and crown tapper. Add flair to your design with numerous features.

  • Old-School Techniques

    We still use the original wooden base blocks to offer practically endless customization options to realize your vision of a perfect hat.

  • Attention To Detail

    We will sew all the parts that go into your hat by hand with extra care. Curves will flow, and there will be no chance of meeting a person wearing an identical hat.

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Blocked, styled, and finished by hand

Agnoulita Hats

  • Online Since 2014

  • Handmade Hats

  • Different Countries

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  • Porkpies and Trilbies

    Two of the most popular styles of these last years among casual wearers and fashionistas.

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  • Western Styles

    Cowboy hats are part of a wider global heritage and the favorite of cowboys, cowgirls, athletes, musicians, and movie stars alike.

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  • Homburg Hats

    A staple in every gentleman's wardrobe, homburg fedoras can never go out of style!

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