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Classic Teardrop Fedora



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Product Details

- Dress weight
- Smooth surface finish
- 4 3/4" Teardrop crown
- 2 3/8" raw-edge fedora snap brim
- 1 1/4" grosgrain ribbon hatband


- Rabbit fur felt hat body
- Viscose satin lining
- Genuine leather sweatband


- Sturdy hat box
- Organic cotton bag
- Care instructions

Sizes, brims, and crowns should be within 1/8 of an inch of the requested measurement, plus or minus. Due to monitor differences, actual colors may slightly vary from what appears online.

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Product Description

It's time to do something classic and timeless.
Introducing the Diplomat, a 100% fur-felt fedora that looks like a hat that could have been worn during the golden age of fashion. With its classic fedora shape, you can rely on the Diplomat to make a bold statement every time you step out wearing it. You'll never worry about going out of style or looking passé because the Diplomat is designed to last. And with each hat fully customizable - from brim size to banding - it's easy to make sure your personal look stands out from the crowd.

Choose from a variety of colors - whether you go all-out with a vibrant hue or opt for something more subtle, your perfect look is no longer elusive. Dress your crown in luxury with the Diplomat and come out looking made-to-measure chic!

Selecting your size

  • Get your measuring tape

    A soft tailor-type will do.

  • Measure your head

    Wrap it gently around your head.

  • Your hat will fit like a glove

    If it doesn't, we remake it for you!

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What is the correct fit?

A properly fitted hat will be comfortable to wear for hours in any situation. If you have purchased from us before, you are already familiar with the comfortable feel of our work each time as we keep a record of your fitting preferences and service history.

Choosing the right hat is a matter of personal preference. A tight-fitting hat wears higher and stays on better on a windy day. owever, it could feel uncomfortable during a long stroll on a hot sunny day. On the other hand, a looser-fitting hat is far more comfortable, but your hat will wear a bit lower.

How do I determine my head size?

To determine your head measurement, you will need a sewing measuring tape. A soft tailor-type tape will do. 
Wrap your tape gently around where you wish your hat to rest.
Do not pull the tape too tightly unless you want your hat to be as tight.

Can I measure the inside of a hat and get on with my order?

No. Measuring the inner circumference of a hat is impossible. Even if your hat has the perfect fit, your measuring tape will always get 1 to 1.5 centimeters a smaller size than your actual head size.
To get the correct measurement, you will need a measuring ring, a special instrument we use to determine the inside diameter of a finished hat.

What do I do if my hat doesn't fit?

If your hat arrives and is smaller or larger than you expected it to be, we kindly advise you to confirm your head measurement and contact us.

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