Frequently Asked Questions

Personalized Hat Liner

Can you make a custom or bespoke hat for me?

Making custom hats is our core business.
We can produce almost any hat style in endless color combinations with minor or significant changes to crown shapes, brim lengths, and finishes.

Where is your production located?

Our studio is located in the port city of Piraeus, Greece, next to Nikea's City Hall.
This is where we create everything. 

How long will it take if I order a hat from you today?

We usually require a 3-5 weeks lead time.
On occasions, the delivery might be subject to factors beyond our control, such as felt availability, natural disasters, or a pandemic. In those cases, delivery might take a bit longer.

Where do your materials come from? 

We source most of our felt from the Czech Republic.
Leather, ribbons, linings, threads, metal details, hat boxes are locally produced.

Can I wear your hats out in the rain?

Light rain or a snow will never damage your fur felt Agnoulita hat.

How do I care for my hat?

Please visit our HAT CARE page for care instructions and fixes.

Do you make vegan felt hats?

We do carry a line of wool felt hats.
We have also selected to source all our fur felt from EU-based suppliers since the EU has among the world's highest animal welfare standards.

Shall I choose a wool felt or a fur felt hat?  

Both types of felt are manufactured with the same felting process.
In contrast to sheared wool, animal hair is thinner, thus creating tighter felting bonds.

The result is a lighter, softer, and far more durable piece of felt that will provide better insulation and retain its shape better.
Fur felt withstands the elements and the test of time better than wool felt. 

Do you make hats for films?

Yes, we do. And we are always happy to watch our work on the screen. 

Do you wholesale? 

No. All our hats are handmade, thus produced individually with a considerable investment in time.