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Homburg Fedora with two cups of cappuccino

We are dedicated to providing a bespoke customer service

Feel free to ask us anything!
We will do our best to respond to your message within the next few hours.
In the meantime, an answer to your question is likely to be waiting for you in our Q&A page here, regarding custom orders, sizing, fixes, and hat care.
If you wish to have one of your dream custom fedoras created in our handmade quality, a photo of a similar hat will be an excellent start.

We promise to process your order in the most timely manner

 At the same time, we will ensure everything you receive from us - whether a single raw hat body or a fine beaver fedora - lives up to your expectations.
  Currently, our processing times are:
3-5 weeks for hat orders
1 week for hat making  supplies
 We will be happy to prioritize the creation of a hat made for a noble cause. 
Upgrading your shipping option at check-out will not shorten the processing of your order.
No rush option available. 
You are always welcome to call us on +30 213 0452302 during our working hours.
Mon-Fri 8 am to 5 pm GMT +2