The Hat Maker

I wish to introduce myself as a creative.

I am a craftsperson, an entrepreneur, a professional, an intellectual, a philanthropist living fully in the moment, thoroughly enjoying the adventure of a life dedicated to intelligent luxury and choosing quality over quantity as a way of life.

Whether you are in the buzz of a city, a renovated cottage by the sea, or a quiet village abroad, please follow me in a world of handmade hats, artisan treasures, and a traditional hat shopping experience.

I am Mr. Pappa Hats, and I would love to serve as your attendant while visiting Agnoulita Hats.

Panos Skantzaris

"I will not let a hat leave my studio if I am not proud enough to wear it myself".

Agnoulita Hats - Filming a documentary film for Hat Making

Filming a documentary film

"The feeling of making something with my hands, sending it to the other side of the globe to receive a five-star review, a "thank you!" note or a photo from their wedding or vacation in their hat, is unique.

I can not exchange it with any other experience I had as a professional all these years. This kind of response is our greatest reward".

With Journalist Ioanna Voutsi for Pemptousia TV station

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