Your Fit

 Heads don't come in hat sizes
Knowing your exact head measurement and your desired fit
is all we need to make a perfectly fitting hat for you.
As you may have noticed, we ask our customers to indicate their head size and desired fit, so they don't need to guess their hat size. It is simple if you consider the following.
If, for example, your head size is 60 cm, a straight 60 cm hat will never fit.
A hat size of 60 cm
your head size of 60 cm
zero room between your hat and head

What is the correct fit?  

Choosing the right hat is a matter of personal preference.  
A tight-fitting hat wears higher and stays on better on a windy day.
However, it could feel uncomfortable during a long stroll on a hot sunny day.
On the other hand, a looser-fitting hat is far more comfortable, but your hat will wear a bit lower.

How do I determine my head size?

To determine your head measurement, you will need a sewing measuring tape.
A soft tailor-type tape will do. 
Wrap your tape gently around where you wish your hat to rest.
 Do not pull the tape too tightly unless you want your hat to be as tight.

Some people have longer heads

  A hatmaker will produce your hat in Regular Oval by default when you order a hat.
 Most crown blocks and brim flanges we hatters use come in this shape.
 But rarely do human heads have a perfect hat makers' oval shape.
 If you are a Long Oval, you will require a longer front-to-back hat and a narrower side to side.
If your head shape is a longer and narrower oval, even if your hat's size is perfect for your head size, you may notice one of the following:
space between your hat's inner sweatband and your head above your ears
a straight brim is bending upwards no matter how stiff your hat's brim may be.
Please let us know in advance so we can use the appropriate tools for the job.

Can I measure the inside of a hat and get on with my order?

 Measuring the inner circumference of a hat is impossible.
Even if your hat has the perfect fit, your measuring tape
will always get 1 to 1.5 centimeters a smaller size than your actual head size.
To get the correct measurement, you will need a measuring ring, a special instrument we use to determine the inside diameter of a finished hat.
 AgnoulitaHats: Hat measuring ring
If your hat arrives and is smaller or larger than you expected it to be,
we kindly advise you to confirm your head measurement and contact us.