Our Felt

Quality Felt of Agnoulita Hats

100% European fur felt

We source our felt from one of the leading European felt manufacturers,
with a history going back to 1799!
Dense and uniform

 Your hat's body, regardless of weight, will be as smooth and mellow as possible.

Crisp where needed
Snapping your hat's brim or making a crown creasing at home will never surprise you
with breaks or thin spots in your hat.
A world of colors
Our colors are rich and consistent - plus, they are 100% AZO-dye free.
Supple and malleable
Shape it, crease it and decrease it without using any steam.

Regardless of fur selection, your hat will have a lovely hand.

Beaver Fur

The king of felt.

Beaver felt is thinner, lighter, weather-resistant, and far more durable.
Over the years, we have developed the right beaver blend (over 80%) - mixed with hare and rabbit hair that makes your hat's body last longer.
Your Agnoulita hat will last longer than a lifetime.

 Rabbit Fur Felt

Our rabbit fur felt collection
- slightly thicker than the beaver felt
- is dense and, consistent, yet supple.
Our rabbit fur felt is available in a range of finishes: 
- Smooth in Dress & Men's Weight
 - Flecked (or Mélange)
- Sueded surface (or Antelope Finish)
- Velour, velvet-like surface finish
- Long-hair (Melusines or Beaver finish as they call it now)
 There is no rule for what kind of hat finish to choose.
What feels right will look good on you.
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