Hat Care

Hat and hat brush



Store your hat in the hatbox we provide to better protect it for long periods.
When it is not on your head, always place your brimmed fedora hat upside down.
Do not leave your hat exposed to heat and humidity to avoid
shrinkage and distortion of shape and color.
Brush off lint or dirt regularly with a soft bristle brush.
Then using a clean, damp cloth, rub gently counter-clockwise towards the back.
Brush the underside of the brim clockwise.


Never handle your hat by the pinch or the crown to prevent breakage,
and keep your hat clean of oil and dirt.

Avoid leaving your hat in a hot car or any place
where the very high temperature will potentially be an issue.
Avoid wearing your hat out in the pouring rain. Never wear your straw hat in the rain.
If your hat ever gets wet, do not force dry it.

Got caught without an umbrella? 

If you get caught without an umbrella,
always snap your brim up once you get indoors.
Hang your hat so that the crown or the sides of your hat's brim
are not touching anything.
Let it dry naturally away from heat.
 Exposing your hat to heat will reactivate the felting process
and may cause shrinkage and deformation.

Brim Issues

Do you feel your hat pressing on any part of your head a bit more than it should?
Perhaps there is space between your hat's inner sweatband and your head above your ears?
Make sure the fit is correct, and your hat is suitable for your particular head shape.
Fixing a bent brim:
1. Rest your hat on a flat surface.
2. Place a slightly moisturized piece of cloth on your hat's brim.
3. Set your iron to high heat, and run it across.
4. Repeat until the brim is entirely flat.
5. Allow it to dry and stiffen well.
You may occasionally use this process to freshen up your hat.
Make sure you always use a piece of cloth between the felt and your steam iron plate.



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